Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cheaper to hire a moving company in York, UK?

When moving, it’s natural to want to save cash wherever possible. Little charges soon add up, and the process can be more expensive than you anticipated. That’s why we understand when prospective customers call us and ask “do we REALLY need a moving company?” However, our answer is always the same. Yes if you want to guarantee that moving day is swift and successful. Amateur removals may be technically “cheaper,” but you’ll pay for this selection in other ways, unfortunately.

For a start, think about your time. You should value it, and people who value their time don’t want to spend days or weeks agonising over their move. Removals also require a lot of hard, physical labour. Unless you’re 100% sure that you’re up to the challenge, we’d suggest you avoid it. To perform this work, our team has undergone significant training. We’re the professionals when it comes to removals. The good — and potentially surprising — news is that our service doesn’t actually cost a fortune.

That’s right — you can still enjoy all the benefits of a comprehensive, high quality removals service when you’re on a budget. The key is to book reasonably priced movers like ourselves. We’ll be delighted to perform your move in the York area.

How do I choose a removal company in York, UK?

The best way to find your removal company in York is to act on the recommendation of a trusted source like a friend or a family member. When someone you know can testify to the quality of a service, that’s a very reassuring sign! Many people feel completely in the dark when it comes to removal services. They’re not sure what the service includes or how much they should expect to pay. Having a knowledgeable contact can be invaluable.

If that’s not your situation, don’t worry! Many customers come to us because they’ve heard about us from a friend, but others find us online. They’re immediately impressed by our positive customer reviews and how long we have been working in the removals industry. Extensive experience is a great sign when you’re choosing your removals team. Why? Because the team will have skills and knowledge, and you can tell they have a good reputation if they’ve stayed in business for a long time!

We know that we have amazing prices for removals in York. However, we wouldn’t expect you to accept our word alone. That’s why we offer quotations with no obligation to book.

How much does it cost to move a 3 bedroom house in York, UK?

Call us today to discover how much it would cost to move your 3 bedroom house in York. We will quote you a fair price once we understand the exact scope of the job. All we need to do that is a short consultation, and you’ll find the process to be stress-free thanks to our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Having performed house moves in York for years, we know two things: every move is different and we’re always the best team for the job!

We don’t believe in fixed prices. Some companies will hear “3 bedroom house” and quote you a rate straight away. We prefer to ensure you’re not paying a penny extra for your service by tailoring your quote to your precise needs. Our quote takes into account the time and work required to perform your move. Even if it’s a huge job, we’ll quote you a reasonable rate. It’s what our service is known for!

One thing is for sure: a 3 bedroom house move needs the help of the professionals. That’s one of the bigger removal jobs that shouldn’t be attempted by amateurs. You’ll find that this work requires significant organisation to go smoothly.

How much are local movers in York, UK?

Even if you decided to perform your move independently, you’d still need to pay for a van to transport your items. Our belief is that it’s absolutely worthwhile to spend some more and benefit from the work of professionals who know removals inside out. However, not every removal company is the same. Prices vary and so do quality standards.

Find out about different companies before you make a reservation. Ask them what their service includes, what their estimated timeline would be, and what they’d quote for the job. They should be willing to talk you through this information. If not, assess whether you trust them to handle your house move. Your personal possessions are at stake, so it’s a job to be taken seriously.

Nobody wants to waste their time so it’s tempting to just hire the first removals company you find in York. We’d always recommend spending just a short period of time comparing your options. We know that our prices stand up to scrutiny. That’s why we’re willing to offer quotations upfront. Customers are always impressed by our transparency and our affordability.

How much do removal firms charge in York, UK?

The following five factors will determine what your removal costs in York.

1. The scale of the job. Smaller houses tend to have less furniture and items to transport; however, that’s not always the case! We will find out exactly what the work involves to make a quote.

2. The time it will take. Having performed so many house removals, we can make an expert estimation of the time the work will take from start to finish. We can then charge for our time accordingly.

3. The distance you are moving. When you move really far away, it requires not only more time but more petrol! Of course, these things factor into the final price.

4. Any extra services you need. Maybe you’d like us to help you package your items first or maybe you need help assembling furniture. No problem! Let us know and we will include this in the quote.

5. The company you choose. This may be the most important factor of all. Some companies charge more for the same service. Some companies charge more for an inferior service! Make sure you choose a trusted, reputable company that will quote you a fair rate. In York, that’s us!

How much does it cost to move house in York, UK in 2021?

If you’re moving house in 2021, you probably have a lot of things on your priority list. Most of our customers approach us with budget concerns at the forefront of their mind. We understand! Who wants to spend over the odds on a removal company? We are committed to providing our service at a reasonable cost. We don’t believe it should cost a fortune to move house in York.

Our customers know us as the “value for money” option in York. That means you’ll pay less but receive more. We never cut corners, and our service is consistently of the highest quality. Some people think you have to sacrifice either when it comes to cost or service standard. With us, it’s not necessary. You can have the best of both.

Our removals service is efficient, professional, friendly, and dependable. One thing it isn’t is expensive. We have refined our rates and made them as reasonable as possible. It’s been a great business strategy for us: all of our customers seem to recommend us to a friend! We can make moving in York cheaper for you.

How much are moving costs in York, UK?

Are you moving home soon? It’s time to think about your budget, then. And don’t even think about attempting an amateur removal. You wouldn’t believe how many times we have had to come to the rescue for a customer that started their move independently. Without the organisation, equipment, and experience of a professional team, moving can really be a nightmare.

If you choose the right team, it doesn’t need to be an outrageous expense. We perform moves in York at an affordable rate on a daily basis. We’d be delighted to support your move! To find out your exact moving costs, just give us a call. After a quick chat, we’ll be happy to provide you with a quotation. Remember, there’s no obligation to book. However, once you hear about our amazing prices, we wouldn’t be surprised if you did! We have an excellent reputation in the York area for a reason.

What is the cost of removal in York, UK?

Of course, a professional removals team is an investment. However, we believe that it’s a sensible one. Think about it: if you break just one valuable item during your move, its repair or replacement could cost more than a removal service would anyway!

Other nightmare scenarios could also unfold. Imagine if you ended up injured attempting a heavy lifting job. Time off work can be very costly, and not just in the financial sense. Health is wealth, after all.

Your friends will thank you if you don’t make that dreaded call asking them to give up a weekend to help you move. There are so many reasons to include a removals service when planning your moving costs budget.

The cost of removal in York is only expensive when you hire a costly team. Choose a firm like ours that is known for its affordability. You might be pleasantly surprised to discover how competitive our rates actually are. There’s no harm in calling to find out!

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